7 April 2021

Testbed 17 Kick-off

Presented proposed WebVMT contribution to OGC Testbed-17 Moving Features From Digital Motion Imagery kick-off meeting.

24 March 2021

GeoPose With Video

Presented GeoPose With Video in the time series discussions with Moving Features & SensorThings at GeoPose Standards Working Group in the OGC TC virtual meetings.

5 March 2021

Tech UK Geospatial Future

Published guest blog post on Making Geotagged Video More Accessible for Geo4Good day in techUK's Geospatial Future week.

18 January 2021

OGC Testbed-16 FMV Video

Uploaded Testbed-16 Full Motion Video demonstration to OGC's YouTube channel showing MPEG-2 with MISB location metadata exported to WebVMT & displayed in a web browser.

13 January 2021

OGC Testbed-16 FMV Video

Published contribution to OGC Testbed-16 Full Motion Video Engineering Report exploring how MISB location metadata can be exported from MPEG-2 video using WebVMT and displayed in a web browser.

29 December 2020

Time Callibration Proto

Previewed prototype time callibration tool which synchronises two WebVMT videos in a web browser.

26 October 2020

TPAC Breakout 26 Oct

Chaired breakout discussion on video metadata for moving objects & sensors on the web at W3C TPAC.

3 September 2020

Cheyenne MISB Demo

Demonstrated WebVMT exported from MPEG-2 with MISB metadata to OGC Testbed-16 FMV using recon footage from Esri.

27 August 2020

Arcadia MISB Demo

Demonstrated WebVMT exported from MPEG-2 with MISB metadata to OGC Testbed-16 FMV using drone footage.

18 August 2020

CG GitHub Repo

Created GitHub repository for WebVMT Community Group to track issues, support community & develop code.

23 July 2020

Testbed 16 Progress

Presented WebVMT progress in OGC Testbed-16 FMV to the W3C's Spatial Data on the Web Interest Group meeting.

28 May 2020

WebVMT Roadmap

Presented WebVMT roadmap to the W3C's Spatial Data on the Web Interest Group meeting.

7 April 2020

Testbed 16 Kick-Off

Presented WebVMT to OGC's Testbed-16 Full Motion Video kick-off meeting.

24 October 2019

Leuven Town Hall

Published mobile demo filmed at OGC Leuven in Belgium which uses WebVMT cues to present nearby points of interest and correct tracking errors.

29 August 2019

Black Sheds

Enhanced intro demo with shape cues to highlight map features in the narrative.

22 August 2019

OS Talk

Presented lunchtime talk on WebVMT at Ordnance Survey Headquarters in Southampton, with exclusive new demos.

1 July 2019

BSI Chiswick

Presented WebVMT at Standards Committee on Geographic Information (BSI IST/36) meeting at BSI in Chiswick.

26 June 2019

Leuven Demo Preview

Preview of new WebVMT demo filmed on location at the OGC Technical Committee meeting in Leuven, Belgium.

25 June 2019

OGC Leuven Breakout

Chaired breakout discussion on video search with location in Spatial Data on the Web meeting at OGC Leuven.

24-26 June 2019

OGC Leuven Presentation

Presented WebVMT progress at OGC meeting in Leuven to Emergency & Disaster Management/Law Enforcement & Public Safety, Unmanned Systems, Moving Features and Defence & Intelligence.

16 May 2019

Media Timed Events IG Note

Contributed to W3C IG Note on Media Timed Events, now published by Media & Entertainment Interest Group.

25 April 2019


Preview of upcoming WebVMT-compliant mobile app, developed from our Android prototype by innovation partners Away Team.

29 March 2019

W3C Community Group

Created W3C Community Group for WebVMT to support online community with a public forum that is open to all & free to join.

20 March 2019

WICG Datacue

Established GitHub repository in Web Incubator Community Group (WICG) to commence work on DataCue development, proposed at TPAC in Lyon.

12 December 2018

Editor's Draft

Completed a document review of the W3C Editor's Draft for WebVMT with the Spatial Data on the Web Interest Group.

9 November 2018

Blue Light Drones

Presented WebVMT to the Blue Light Drones conference for police & emergency services at techUK in London.

24 October 2018

Lyon Breakout Session

Proposed and chaired a breakout session to discuss video metadata support for geolocation at the W3C TPAC Plenary in Lyon.

23 October 2018

SDW Lyon

Reported progress to the Spatial Data on the Web Interest Group at W3C TPAC in Lyon, and participated in Media & Entertainment Interest Group.

22 October 2018

Lyon Developer Meetup Demo

Demonstrated WebVMT with Mapbox GL and OS Open Zoomstack at the Developer Meetup at W3C TPAC in Lyon.

16 October 2018

Proposed W3C Community Group

Proposed W3C Community Group for WebVMT to support uptake and progress towards standardisation.

1 October 2018

Open Zoomstack

Integrated OS Open Zoomstack & Mapbox GL with the WebVMT prototype to demonstrate 3d vector map support.

10 September 2018

OGC Stuttgart

Presented WebVMT to the Domain Working Groups for Defence & Intelligence and Emergency & Disaster Management/Law Enforcement & Public Safety at the OGC meeting in Stuttgart.

5 August 2018

Mobile Demo

Added a mobile demo to the website for displaying user-generated WebVMT video with a map in a web browser.

16 July 2018

WebVMT Homepage

Established the WebVMT.org website to promote the format, present technical demos and engage communities to help progress towards standardisation.

6 June 2018

SDW Fort Collins

Presented progress to the Spatial Data on the Web Interest Group, who voted to promote WebVMT to incubation in the W3C Strategy Funnel at the OGC meeting in Fort Collins.

24 May 2018

Loader Demo

Completed the file loader technical demonstration webpage for drag and drop display of user-generated files, e.g. from a mobile app.

4 May 2018

Video Capture App

Built a video capture prototype mobile app in support of Geovation's CrisisHack 2018 to record crowdsourced video with accurate geolocation for the WebVMT Crisis Response use case.

20 April 2018

Brighton Demo

Integrated embedded YouTube videos with the WebVMT web player technical demonstration to enable geolocation movies to be shared on the web.

19 March 2018

OGC Orleans

Presented WebVMT to the Unmanned Systems Domain Working Group at the Open Geospatial Consortium Technical Committee in Orleans.

7 March 2018

Editor's Draft

Published the first draft of the W3C Editor's Draft explanatory specification for WebVMT.

19 February 2018

SDW Amersfoort

Presented WebVMT concept to W3C's Spatial Data on the Web Interest Group in Amersfoort, and subsequently joined the group as an Invited Expert.

23 January 2018

Mockup Teaser

Announced the first technical demonstration of the Web Video Map Tracks (WebVMT) web player with concept mock-up pictures.